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Can I perform a garage door repair by myself?

When you check for the obvious faults present and do the minor maintenance work but the doors are still not opening or closing, it is a good idea to get the help of an expert from garage door repair Murphy. As torsion springs in the door are under great pressure, serious injury may result if not handled with care.

What is a garage door keypad?

Garage door keypad openers are advanced keyless entry devices that give easy and secure access into your garage. You need to enter a four digit personal identification number to open the door. The keypad helps in protecting unauthorized entry as only those who have the correct pin can enter.

What safety features are offered?

Our garage door repair company in Murphy has experts that are able to discuss the features of every type of garage door opener available. Features vary slightly from one opener to another. That is why you should find out the features of your opener.

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